And adding my FB words here.

So tonight, I’m writing here. Not on my blog, just on Facebook. And I’m asking for help. I have almost 5000 friends and followers. All of you were added because we’re part of the angry crowd, the resistance, whatever. And I know that all of you have a voice. OK, we have seen the liars, the trolls, the Trumpers, and we delete them as fast as they are exposed. But we’re all in this to resist hate and keep the progress going. And I need help, two fold. First, some of you who read me work for the government. You are frustrated, you know things. Perhaps you have access to his tax returns. Perhaps you’ll be fired, prosecuted, if you expose them. But you know that truth and want to have it see the light of day. Except you, we, I am being watched. Snowden made clear that everything posted on FB, all our words, are being watched by the NSA. So how do you, who want the truth to be revealed, do it without going to jail? And that is part 2. How do we connect, how can you be safe? What are the tools that allow the free access and exchange of ideas. As much as I admire Obama, the enforcement of the surveillance state started with Bush II and expanded with Barack. So how to get the info to the light of day and keep the whistle blowers safe? And yeah, I get that FBI, the NSA are ones most likely to offer a “safe” path. But we’ll figure it out. So share this, if you are disgusted, share it, ask for help to expose the lies.


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