An open invitation to #fucktrump

Today I am declaring war on the president of the United States.  To be clear to the #FBI and the #secretservice, this is not a war of violence or insurrection.  It is a war of words and ideas that are protected by the #firstamendment.  So, to #fucktrump, #smallhands, I’m calling you out.  Your ideas have no merit.  Your thoughts are, well, they are just dumb, about the size of your hands.  Tonight’s speech could have been written by a first grader.  I’m pretty sure that you haven’t even read your own autobiography.  Lies are your forte.  Your words won’t last in the light of day.  So I’m challenging you, #potus, to debate me, exchange ideas, talk truth, tell the truth.  Show up, prove you are worthy.  Coward.


One thought on “An open invitation to #fucktrump

  1. Reserving a seat in the front row for this debate.
    Unfortunately, even the commentators seem to be giving him (and Steven Miller) some credibility for las night’s speech. I tried to watch it but had to shut it off – I could not stand to see Pence and Ryan’s unsufferable smirks over Trump’s shoulder.

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