Swamp? What Swamp?

Today I need help.  Twenty-four days into his administration, the continuing scandals of the Trump administration claim its first “internal” victim with the resignation of Michael Flynn.  So why do I need help?  Trump: One in 24 days.  Obama: None in eight years?  I can’t remember.  In the eight years of the Obama administration I don’t recall that one senior member of his administration resigned in disgrace (or was fired).  None.  Nada.  Rien.  I came of age in the era of political controversy and disgrace.  I barely remember the Johnson administration.  I do remember Spiro Agnew resigning as Vice President and don’t get me started on Watergate.  But it seems that Obama ran the cleanest administration in my memory.

So help me.  Did I miss a scandal?  Add a comment here or on Facebook.  Who and what might I have missed?

2 thoughts on “Swamp? What Swamp?

  1. I believe you are correct about the scandal-less Obama era. I don’t mind you taking Trump to task, but please leave Melania alone (future occupant of the new cabinet-level Secretary of Fashion).

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