Ways to resist…

There are many ways to fight back against the seemingly endless war on consumers beyond just fighting to keep the CFPB.  Today I’m writing to recommend one, but first a comment.  This was published in the daily update from the site I’m recommending:

There is no such thing as a non-political statement. Even a simple one like buying pizza is a political statement. Every decision we make about what to eat, what we buy is an economic statement and, by extension, a political statement.

For instance, I’m not sure if it’s still true, but two of the national pizza chains were owned by men who made significant contributions to the “right-to-life” movement. So, something even as easy as deciding where to buy pizza is, at least indirectly, a political statement.

The same can be said of travel. I’m writing this email from an apartment in Paris. Choosing to come here, versus New York, Washington, D.C., or even London involves both political and economic impacts whether or not I intend them.

I’m recommending that you all start following Christopher Elliot, both on Facebook and on his advocacy site, elliott.org.  Sign-up for his newsletter, participate in the forums, and learn how you can be more empowered to fight back.  Everyone of us, at some point, has been screwed by a major company.  Chris and his team provide the tools for us to fight back and assist when it’s needed.  So today, I’m happily endorsing Chris and his team.

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