Wednesday Update

I was listening to NPR this morning. There may be a big jump in the death toll the next day or so. NYC had about 4000 die who were not tested. They hadn’t been counted among the COVID19 deaths. The deaths are being looked at and re-categorized. Frankly, no one knows how many really are sick and how many have died from this.

As an additional news item, The Pine Street Inn, the biggest homeless shelter in Boston, tested 400 people. These were people who had already been screened for fevers, etc. 146 tested positive, all were asymptomatic. The report also talked about testing of the homeless on the street. There is a significant testing effort underway among the homeless here in Boston. Most that tested positive are asymptomatic. What does this mean? No, it doesn’t mean stay away from the homeless! It means just about every one of us could have the disease and not know it and put others at risk.


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