“Joe Biden is My Friend”

“Joe Biden is my friend”. I’ve heard that many, many times. I heard it at the last debate. “Joe Biden is my friend”. Who said it? Bernie Sanders. And if Joe wins the nomination we’ll see Bernie endorse him and that endorsement will include the words “Joe Biden is my friend”.
A quick note about me, I’ve known about Bernie since he was mayor in Burlington, VT. That was nearly 40 years ago. I voted for him in 2016. This year I voted for Biden.
This “news” is not coming from the Sanders campaign. I doubt that most of the “Sanders” supporters spreading the story can vote in this country. Putin’s trolls are on his payroll and are NOT US citizens. So why the story? To divide us and help Trump and Putin.
Go back and watch the last debate. Every part of it was about differences in policies and philosophies. All of it. Why? Because not only is Joe Bernie’s friend, Bernie is Joe’s friend. When Bernie was contemplating his 2016 run he had lunch with Joe at the Vice President’s residence. News reports say that the lunch ran well past the time allocated in the Vice President’s schedule. Why? Because Joe was encouraging Bernie to run, advising him, and providing support. Because Bernie and Joe are friends.
“Joe Biden is my friend”.
You need to make a choice. Are you going to keep feeding this story, helping Trump and Putin? Would you prefer to work on what matters? COVID19 is killing thousands here. Things are getting worse. The numbers of NY firefighters and police officers who have contracted the disease is scary. If the trend continues more of them may die from this than did on 09/11. Should we focus on contrived, fake news from Putin? Or ensuring Trump loses?
I know what I’m choosing. What will you do?

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  1. HI David! I hope you are well and remain healthy. All well with the Carlisle crew.

    I enjoy your occasional blogs. This one I couldn’t quite follow – what is ’news’ you are referring to?

    Kathy >

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