Dr Fauci? Resign

I am calling you out.  Resign.  It’s time to make a stand for science, for truth.  Every day you continue in this administration you are helping him, Trump, kill more.  Staying where you are enables the lies, the false hope, the denial of data and science.  If you stay?  You know the data.  You have models that go beyond the numbers that I can calculate.  And if you continue to enable the denial?  The deaths are not just on him.  They are on you.

So, Dr. Fauci.  Choose what you have made your life.  Choose science.  Choose facts.



3 thoughts on “Dr Fauci? Resign

    • This is not news, fake or otherwise. You won’t find confirmation on CNN. It’s an opinion piece. It’s me saying that Dr. Fauci needs to resign, to stop standing next to Trump and enabling his lies. I don’t want him to stop working. Have no doubt that should he decide to resign? It will only take one phone call for him to find a new position.


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