Trump, Bernie, and Bloomberg

Yesterday, while I was cooking dinner, I was thinking that should Bernie or Bloomberg become the Democratic nominee then we’ll have someone who is Jewish at the top of a major party ticket for the first time in US history.  Part of me hopes it happens, if for no other reason, to watch Trump’s head explode.  How would he handle this?

Let’s get in the “way back” machine for a minute and head back to Charlottesville, VA, August of 2017.  According to the President there were some “fine people” there.  That these “fine” people were chanting “Jews will not replace us” didn’t seem to bother the Commander in Chief.  We’ve repeatedly seen him use racial and ethnic differences, often hatred, to whip up his supporters.  So how will it work here?  How will he reach for the anti-Semitic support in an attempt to beat Bernie or Bloomberg?  Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Such a dilemma may make his head explode.  How does he incite anti-Semitic sentiment without clearly appearing the hypocrite with his daughter being married to a Jew?  What would this do to the support he receives from some Jews, particularly those who also support Benji Netanyahu?  Will the self-professed “smartest man in the world” be able to figure this one one?  Even if he doesn’t foment anger in this space, he’ll alienate someone, when it arises, if he either denounces it or ignores it.

Yeah, watching him could be fun.  And even better?  It could cause enough of a split in his support to cost him the election.


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