Iowa: The morning after…

Today we wait. Am I happy? No. Am I pleased? Yes. Paper. There is a paper trail. And it’s all an open process. Every one of the people in every one of the hundreds, the thousands of rooms that conducted the caucuses saw what happened.  They went home knowing what happened, who won and lost at their site.  It’s auditable via paper and by public participation.  So we wait.  We’ll eventually know, there will be no fix, traceability matters.

The reports are that the app failed.  I’m not surprised.  I don’t know the history, who produced this.  I do know that I build things like that app for a living.  I’ve been in the business since before apps existed, since before the web was invented.  And a common thing that happens on new one-time apps?  Single use platforms?  They are often built by people who don’t know how to test and build to scale.  Sure, it worked when one person used it.  When two or three tested it.  It’s cheap to build an app like this.  It’s expensive to test it, even more expensive to test at scale.  Professionals know this.  Average app producers do not.

So we wait.  Want to show that you believe that Trump needs to leave, believe in  democracy and in being blue?  Then wait.  Putin’s trolls and Trump’s minions win if we start to argue and point fingers.  Dissent wins for them.  Waiting and supporting a process has us winning.  So, wait.  This is a process done in the brightness of day, not the darkness of smoke filled rooms.

Wait.  And we win.


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