As to Nancy Pelosi holding the two articles of impeachment?  I’m OK if she never sends them.  Sit on them, hold them, never send them.  It works for me and it’s the best politics.  Follow the plans of “Moscow” Mitch.  He has no intention of holding a fair and open trial.  He’s made it clear that it will be no more than a show trial, an acquittal after a bit of “process”.  No calling of witnesses.  Why not?  They’d get in the way of his plans.  If the president’s phone call was “perfect”, if the witness would clear the president, then why not have them testify?  Evidence would get in the way of the show.  And the name  “Moscow” Mitch fits.  His “trial” is a show no different than the “trials” that happened in the old Soviet Union.

So what happens if the articles are never sent?  There will be no Senate trial.  And with no Senate trial there will be no acquittal.  The politics work.  Trump wants the acquittal, wants to go on the campaign trail, to be able to say the Democrats had nothing and the Senate proved it.  But with no trial there is no “proof”, there is just the vote to impeach.

So, Speaker Pelosi, please hold them.  Don’t send them.  Don’t give the president his talking points.



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