Elizabeth Warren’s Problem

Elizabeth Warren has a problem.  This was pretty apparent in last week’s debate.  Perhaps dilemma is a better word.  She was asked if she’ll raise taxes to pay for the proposed “Medicare for All”.  She didn’t answer.  And here’s the problem:  She can’t answer without creating talking points for attack ads and scathing Tweets.  The dilemma: “Yes, it will raise taxes.  And it will reduce the total amount that a middle class family pays for healthcare because they’ll not longer be buying insurance”.  The problem is easy to see.  Only the first part of the statement will appear in the ads.  She’ll fight, clarify, and still only thing that will be heard is  “Elizabeth Warren said she will raise your taxes”.

Not sure how she can fix this one.


One thought on “Elizabeth Warren’s Problem

  1. You hit the nail on the head. She is boxed in a corner. Still, I think she should finesse an answer that includes both truths. The average family knows exactly how much they pay for insurance and medical costs. Talk about that, and about the things that the family does without now in order to pay for that.

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