I Stand with the FBI, the NSA, the DIA, and the CIA

And I do so proudly.  Yet while saying this I have trouble even trying to comprehend a world where I’d write these words.  On June 12, 1985 I was arrested while protesting aid to the Contras and the Oliver North / CIA dirty war against Nicaragua.  Well before the Snowden revelations I knew what the NSA was doing.  I work with technology and have an understanding of what evil can be done with it.  Snowden confirmed what many of us felt.  Yet today I’m standing with what may the last line of defense of our democracy.  It sure as hell isn’t the president.  @realDonaldTrump  committed treason today.  The Republicans in Congress sure as hell are doing nothing to protect our country, although it remains to be seen if this latest #POTUS betrayal will change their support.  We have a president who sells out our allies and betrays his nation.  And #GOP fiddles while Rome burns.


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