I’ve said it before.  I’m an angry white man.  Apparently that, well, the stereotype says I’m a Trump supporter.  Yeah.  And apparently there are shithole countries.  Just ask the #POTUS.

So, pissed off.  Wicked (had to prove I’m from Boston).

Let’s start with a story.  I knew someone in college, he was a friend.  He was born in Liberia.  Came to the US to be educated.  He said that one of the biggest problems with Africa is that their best and brightest come to America to be educated and then don’t go back.  They stayed here.  And Africa suffers.  Their home needs that sort of leader to be.  So he planned to go back.  His name was Eugene Bull.

So here’s where it gets hard.  I assume he went back.  To Liberia.  To a nation that had a massively destructive civil war.  To the country where Charles Taylor used child soldiers to steal “blood diamonds”.  And my fear is that my friend from college is dead.  He’s the sort of person that was targeted and killed in that ugly war.

So I find myself in reverse agreement with #assholeinchief.  What if we educate the best and brightest and “send them back”?  We as a country, as the US will suffer, but the rest of the world will grow.  I’ll talk about India.  Friends in this country, born in India, will read this.  And I can say with no qualms that we, the US, benefit from them being here.  I I can also say that India will benefit if they take their education back to their birth nation.  So I can agree with #fucktrump that “sending” them back can be a good thing.  Where we disagree is who it is good for.  Were we to send one of my friends back to India?  India benefits.  We, the US, lose.  Send someone back to Haiti?  Haiti benefits from what the US has taught her.  We, the US, lose an educated woman contributing to our country, helping all of us.  You get my point.

Oh, and if any of you knew Eugene, can tell me if he is safe?  I want to know.


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