“He Shouldn’t Have Had a Gun…”

I keep hearing this regarding the tragedy in Texas.  If the Air Force had notified the FBI, as they were supposed to, of his domestic violence conviction then he would have failed the background checks and wouldn’t have been able to buy the guns.  Except there’s an exemption for gun shows.  No background checks are done there.

And today it is being reported that apparently he escaped from a mental institution.  The reports are that this should have prevented him from buying guns.  The truth?  There was a bill in Congress last year to prevent the mentally ill from purchasing guns.  It was killed by Republicans.  And yeah, there are still those gun shows.

It’s time to stop the lies and do something.  Nothing makes me believe we can prevent all of the mass shootings, but we need to do something that will stop some of them.  Yet the NRA makes sure the killing continues.


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