Random Thoughts

If offered the job to be manager of the Boston Red Sox I wouldn’t take it.  I’m not sure why anyone would.  OK, I’m not qualified, but why, why would anyone take that job with the amount of negativity and second guessing that comes with it?  John Farrell had, what would have been considered anywhere else, a successful season.  Yet he was fired anyway.

Is anyone paying attention to the Trump tax “plan”.  Start by looking at this.  He wants to repeal the estate tax.  Who benefits from a repeal?  He does and the others in the 1%.  An individual can pass on roughly $5.5 million without paying taxes.  Only the rich will benefit from Trump’s proposal.  The rest of us will pay more to make up for the lost revenue.

I wonder if drivers of FedEx trucks understand that the big logo on the side of their trucks is supposed to be an advertisement?  Twice in the past two weeks I was nearly hit by their trucks while on my bicycle.  In both cases I had the right of way and their driver cut me off anyway.  This wasn’t a case of “didn’t see him”.  Both of them looked me in the eyes while they were doing it.

Who will be the next Republican to actually say in public what they are saying in private?  Bob Corker is not enough.  Handing the keys to a car to a drunk who can barely stand makes you as liable as the drunk when he crashes the car.

I have trouble believing that Trump doesn’t drink.  His middle of the night Twitter rantings look like drunk texting to me.

I may end up voting for a Republican next year.  Charlie Baker, the current governor here in Massachusetts, looks more like a Democrat than some Dems do.  He’s pro-choice.  He’s stood up for the ACA, going to Washington to testify about it.  He knows what it’s done for his state.  And the current declared Democratic candidates don’t offer much that seems all that different.  There is still hope in the party of Lincoln, albeit dim.

I like quotes so I’ll close with a couple:

“Do or do not.  There is no try.” – Yoda

“I walk slowly, but I never walk backward.” – Abraham Lincoln


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