Yes, cockroaches.  I’ve been thinking about cockroaches lately.  You see, cockroaches hate the light.  They hide in darkness, in cabinets, in corners, in dark, damp places.  Turn out the lights, leave a room dark for a while, and the cockroaches come out.  When the lights go out they’ll cover the kitchen floor within a few minutes.  But turn the lights back on and what happens?  They run, hide, go back to the darkness.

So why have I been thinking about cockroaches?  Because our president is that darkness.  His bigotry, his sleazy being is darkness.  And what has that darkness done?  It’s lead the cockroaches of our society, our world to come out of hiding.  Whether it be neo-Nazis, the KKK, or others, his darkness has brought them out.  It started before he was elected.  His birther movement encouraged the cockroaches to come out of the dark and his election brought them out full force.

So what do we do about cockroaches, the bugs I mean?  Stomp on them.  Trap them (remember “roach motels”?  the cockroaches check-in but they can’t check-out!).  This works with bugs but doesn’t seem all that practical with hate, with the human kind.  Some preach teaching tolerance.  But if tolerance worked we’d already be past hate.  Perhaps education?  Reason?  Maybe they’ll work.  Perhaps the answer is confrontation.  Confront the cockroaches, shine the light, destroy their darkness.  It may send them back into hiding.  All I know is that the answer is not simple.


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