Mad as Hell

Blood.  Blood in the streets.  I want to follow-up my words from the Boston Globe and here on my blog.  I will tolerate no Nazis, no hate, no KKK.  Yeah.  Intolerance.  I’m intolerant of hate.  Steve Bannon. Donald Trump.  Motherfuckers all.  And cowards.  They will incite, but never show.  So?  #fucktrump  Meet me in the street.  I’ll bring my friends.  I am willing to meet violence with violence.  Long ago my mom said I shouldn’t fight.  No wars for her sons.  But?  Bring on the brown shirts.  We will fight you, shout you down, beat you to submission.  Yeah, I believe in the peaceful protest of MLK and Gandhi.  And I also believe in fighting back.

Never quit.  Don’t back down to hate.


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