Vince Foster and James Comey

Many probably don’t remember Vince Foster, but his tale is worth remembering as we contemplate the  promised “Tweet Storm” expected tomorrow from the President while Comey testifies.

Vince Foster was a childhood friend of Bill Clinton.  He was found dead on July 20, 1993, by suicide.  A long investigation followed, including allegations that the Clintons had him killed.  But his death is not the reason for today’s posting.  It’s to remember some of the things that lead to his death.

Prior to his death Foster had served in the Clinton White House.  One of the things that he saw that disgusted him during his time in Washington was an observance that some in the city took a perverse pleasure in destroying the lives and careers of others.  In fact, they seemed to serve no purpose other than attack and hurt.  And tomorrow that’s what I’ll be watching for.  The early Trump salvos seem to be geared towards discrediting Comey to undermine his testimony, discredit his character.  And I expect that’s what we’ll see from the Trump Tweets, a targeted as well as broadside attempt to damage the messenger.  I hope and expect it will fail.  The reality is that what we’ll see is more flaws in the Trump character.  And likely, being that the president is an incredibly stupid human being, we’ll read further self-incriminating statements.  After all, stupid is what stupid does.


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