I’m Angry Tonight

Among the many things I do, I’m president of a local youth soccer organization.  Over 900 kids play the sport here.  Soccer, frankly, is corrupt and a microcosm for a lot of what is wrong in our world.  And yesterday a bit of the ugliness of Trump’s America crossed into local youth sports.  One of “our” kids said, after a game “That mexican cannot climb that wall”.  Doesn’t matter that it was said to someone who was not Mexican.  It is ugly behavior.  Disgusting.  And I don’t believe it would exist in a non-Trump America.  What the fuck is that ass-wipe of a president doing to make it OK for our children to do and say things like this.  And no part of me believes this didn’t come from hearing the words of a pre-teen’s parent.  Hate has no place here.  Wake up.  #fucktrump.  No more hate.  I’m just too disgusted to talk.


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