Alternate Realities

Sometimes I watch Fox News.  Wait.  Don’t stop reading.  How can one fight back if one doesn’t listen, pay attention, to what their enemies are saying?

So why write this?  I don’t think this post is an exposé on David’s TV viewing habits.

Tonight I watched Chris Wallace beat the hell out of Scott Pruitt.  Go back to the first five words of this posting.  Fox News.  Chris Wallace, Fox News, did a beat down on Trump’s EPA guy, Scott Pruitt.  Asked why 66 million Americans don’t breathe clean air.  Wanted to know why China is fighting harder against global warming and carbon emissions than Trump is.  And I kept looking to see if I was on CNN.  Except I knew I wasn’t.  Pruitt would never agree to be interviewed on #CNN by #donlemon, #jaketapper, or #andersoncooper.  So I must have been in some sort of alternate reality.  A Fox News anchor was beating up a Trump cabinet member saying that global warming, carbon emissions, and air pollution matter.  #wtf

This morning I woke up in an alternate reality.  Yet I need to remember, we find allies in strange places.


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