The ACA (aka #ObamaCare)

In the next couple of days I’ll be writing to #RepKClark to thank her for her support in keeping the ACA alive.  While it is true that the reality is that the Democrats didn’t have to do much, that the bill failed because the Republicans imploded, it’s still important to recognize what happened.  I’ll be sending similar notes to #SenMarkey and #SenWarren.  Yes, the bill never made it to the Senate.  That said, their loud voices helped open the eyes of the country to the devastating impact of the bill.  I encourage others to also contact their Representatives and Senators and keep our voices being heard.

Note:  It was indeed an implosion.  Look what #newtgingrich had to say about it: “Why would you schedule a vote on a bill that is at 17% approval? Have we forgotten everything Reagan taught us?”

Urging others to use their voices isn’t the real purpose of this post, it’s to ask for more than just support of the ACA.  I watched #NancyPelosi on CNN after the bill was withdrawn.  And I’m hoping she and the Democrats can do something more than just oppose.  It was disgusting that the Republicans offered no more than “no” when Obama was president.  The Democrats can be the same or they can be more.  So, #NancyPelosi, please offer an alternative plan.  So many lies were told that I don’t know what the truth is here.  Is it true that people can’t use health plans because they can’t afford the deductibles?  I suspect there is some truth there.  I have company provided health insurance.  It comes with a $5000 deductible.  That’s a lot.  Is it true that in some counties, some states, there is only one ACA provider?  I suspect that some of the criticism of Trump and Ryan is based in fact.  So I’m calling on the Democrats in Washington to be more than the party of no.  Offer a bill to fix the problems with the ACA.  I suspect that there are moderate Republicans that will support real reform that helps people.  I know the Republican Governor of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker (#MassGovernor), opposed the bill.  So did other moderate Republicans.  So please, offer real reform, a real bill that makes the ACA better.  Reach across the aisle and do something other than just say no.  And if it makes it to the president?  Then Trump needs to either sign it or explain why he’s not helping the people who elected him.




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