A crazy day

Tonight I have no other word to use than “dumbfounded”. I’m at a loss for words that the #gop / #republicans can offer only subterfuge and diversion as an defense against an attack by a foreign government on our elections, our democracy. Exasperation comes to mind when I think that #foxnews cares more about the leaks than defending the integrity of our country and beliefs. Have we sunken so low that ratings matter more than freedom? Have parts of our country really reached the point that they will resort to treason to believe they matter? And yes, it is treason to work with a foreign power to sell out your country. We deserve the truth. And I choose to stand and fight for what Hamilton, Jefferson, Madison, Washington and others created. Too bad we have reached the point that parts of our society are selling those values in acts of treason. And yeah, #CNN, I’m waiting for you to call it what it is. Don Lemon called the president a liar tonight, more than once. But he is more than just a liar. He and others acting on his behalf have committed treason.



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