The mathematics of anger….

So, I can’t help wondering about how we are helping the bastards, I mean the president and his cabal, Trump, that guy win.  It’s anger.  He’s winning with anger.  So how does this math work….

Trump tweets, he holds a rally, he talks, we hear nonsense.  What do his supporters hear?  A rallying cry.  His anger is their base.  It’s their common ground.

Trump tweets, holds a rally, we listen.  What to we do?  We get angry.  We post on Facebook.  We talk to friends.  We march.  Hold a pity party.  And he gets stronger.  So what’s wrong with this math?

Ha!  So stop.  When Trump tweets, stop the anger.  Yeah, the righteous indignation matters.  But change the energy exchange.  When we march, we tweet, we yell, we don’t change a thing.  The energy is lost.  So we need to change the math of anger.  Instead of yelling back, find a friend to join you in support of Planned Parenthood.  Instead of screaming at CNN about an immigration policy, act to change it, help the ACLU and others who are working on change.  Rather than rail against Congress, work on a way to change it.  My point is that undirected anger lets the bastards win.  A plan, directed action effects change.

The choice is yours.  Where will your energy go?  I know where mine is directed….



One thought on “The mathematics of anger….

  1. You are right. But for what you say to be genuinely heard it should come across from a place of caring and appreciation. There is a judgement tone in the message. For many ppl joining the women’s March was a bold assertion of strongly held commitment. Don’t scold that it wasn’t disciplined enough. The cause of justice and peace has always had the problems you point out. I take courage from the number of ppl who are calling and writing congressmen. And who are showing up for Democratic party events. What you are trying to say is very important. The movement has to be rooted in love than anger.

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