Early Detection and Aggressive Treatment

To be clear, I’m not an epidemiologist.  What I am is someone who can see patterns in data, who can analyze structures and relationships.  And what I see is to beat COVID19, the two things that matter most, are early detection and aggressive treatment.  Nancy Pelosi said the following: “His denial at the beginning was deadly. His delay of getting equipment to where–it continues his delay in getting equipment to where it’s needed, is deadly”.  And she is right.  The president is killing people.

As a case in point, compare two countries.  The death rate from COVID19 is around 10% in Italy.  In Germany it’s around 1%.  There are factors that influence the difference, including the population in Italy being the oldest in Europe.  I don’t have the tools and the detailed data to normalize the difference.  Regardless, the gap is huge, a factor of ten.  The key difference is that when this started, Italy didn’t act quickly and Germany did.  And that aggressiveness matters.  South Korea is another example of where being proactive paid off by saving lives.  Spain shows where waiting is killing people.  Early detection and aggressive treatment.  And yet, here in the United States, we have failed, and continue to fail, at both.  And Trump bears the weight of this responsibility.  He could have acted, and worse than not acting, he denied.  He said it wasn’t an issue, there were only fifteen cases.  He said it would go away when the weather got warm.  Denied.  Fox News aided and abetted.  We could have started building test kits when the outbreak started in China.  Nope.  We could have ramped up ventilator production.  We did not.

All of this lands on Trump.  He didn’t started it.  People would have died no matter what he did.  Regardless, the reality is that too many are dying, and more will die, because of what he didn’t do.

Early detection and aggressive treatment.  And we still aren’t even close to being there.


One thought on “Early Detection and Aggressive Treatment

  1. Trump represents ignorant old men, usually unschooled, who don’t want to take the time to reason out logical conclusions to events. These people are prone to say things like “my father wouldn’t have …., so why should I?” These people are lazy, ignorant reactors. Trump is finally coming around. But, Nancy is correct, this has cost lives. Conservative commentators are not doubting the death numbers. They say this is the left’s attempt to harm the President. Dumb, dumb, dumb!

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