False Equivalencies

Some conservative commentators have offered that we should do nothing about COVID19 because, after all, people die every year in automobile accidents (or from cancer or otherwise, the list goes on).  So what's the big deal?  People die.  Dr. Fauci dismissed this as a "false equivalency".  He's right.  There is no comparison between the two … Continue reading False Equivalencies

Early Detection and Aggressive Treatment

To be clear, I'm not an epidemiologist.  What I am is someone who can see patterns in data, who can analyze structures and relationships.  And what I see is to beat COVID19, the two things that matter most, are early detection and aggressive treatment.  Nancy Pelosi said the following: "His denial at the beginning was … Continue reading Early Detection and Aggressive Treatment

Cut the Payroll Tax?

The President is advocating cutting the "payroll" tax through the end of the year, possibly permanently.  What he's leaving out is what this means.  In the US the payroll tax is generally meant to mean two things:  the taxes we pay to fund Social Security and Medicare.  There are two components, the amounts deducted from … Continue reading Cut the Payroll Tax?